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About Us

Book snails

We speak English, Russian and other languages, so assumed our kids will too. Nope, it didn't happen! Our kids are not us, they use the easiest way to communicate with friends and language they know the best.

We called our kids "book worms" :) When they get a hold of a book, we lose them for hours. They are digging into the pages and finishing chapters in no time, IF these are English books. As for books in other languages, well ... they are rather "books snails"! The slowest and the most miserable creatures you can ever find.

Kids brain requires certain flow of information and with second language they can't reach it fast enough. So no surprise you will hear something like: "I'm bored", "Are we done yet" etc. What to do?! Give them what they need! Comic books is the way to give your kid the story flow from pictures and some text to actually practice reading.

We would like to share the characters and stories we liked and which helped us to learn reading in second language.